Erleichterte Schwungscheibe Schwungrad VW T5 Bus 2 5TDI Turbo Flywheel leicht Stahl

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We have not been paid to post or make any claims to their quality. Some Getrag BMW 5 speed gearboxes from late 1980’s beemers should work well. Another possibility is taking a newer benz 5 or 6 speed and cut and weld the bellhousing. I’m doubtful a Miata transmission, clutch and pressure plate will handle the torque of a warmed up 617 turbo.

Crank adapter; nitride case hardened alloy steel for high performance applications (800ft-lbs torque). Allows the 1.0 litre Toyota 1KR-FE engine to be mated to the range of Toyota W series 5 speed gearboxes available in a longitudinal installation. This bellhousing will mate the Honda K20 or K24 engine to the Ford Type 9 gearbox, Ford 4 speed or any sequential gearbox that uses the Ford Type 9 pattern.

Adapter plates, billet aluminum, anodized finish, 3 engine clocking positions. Connects our Ford Type 9 Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit or Slave Cylinder for Duratec Engine to Ford Gearbox Hydraulic Clutch to your car’s pedal box. Comes with fittings and enough pipe to allow the bleed nipple to be situated remotely. Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only.

This specific T5 adapted about 10 inches over to the driver side. I’d just have to figure out my driveshaft & x-member. Any 4 cylinder Volkswagen/Audi engine will work with our TDI TO T5 Adapter kits. First, they show which vehicles have the LS engine, if you were wanting to swap it out. Second, you can cross reference these years and models to find out which transmissions work with this adapter kit. For bellhousing, crank adapter, and starter are included.

The use of this items must be registred for the public traffic by the competent authorities in accordance with paragrah § 21 StVZO . Get information by the competent authorities on this subject in your country. For the registration, we deliver a material certificate, if available.

The settings you specify here are stored in the “”local storage”” of your device. The settings will be remembered for the next time you visit our online shop. The steel sheathed high pressure tubes are not just visually beautiful and high quality made, rather they are protected perfectly against mechanical damage and heat.

That’s why we also provide a 2-year product warranty for the One. With the One you’ll already get considerably better power from your vehicle’s power reserves. You’ll enjoy driving pleasure on another level – you’ll feel the extra power, higher torque and the ability to save fuel. The One makes driving an experience that will thrill you. Experience a whole new level of chip tuning with RaceChip Ultimate Connect.

Optimally utilize your power reserves and make absolutely no compromises. We are 100% certain of the quality of the RaceChip Pro 2. You’ll benefit from the 1-year RaceChip engine warranty, which covers all of the engine and powertrain components. Of course, the Ultimate also has all the other qualities that distinguish RaceChip. The optimization software has undergone a series of examinations and test runs specifically for your engine.

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