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Available in an assortment of colors and adorable varieties such as cats, bears, dogs, elephants, birds, tigers, and more; these zombies vs plants are sure to delight children and the child in every adult alike. plants vs zombies plush are an important toy for children to nurture their empathy, and are also perfect to gift to a significant other. Originally posted by an anonymous user on 4chan, Herobrine is a supernatural being or ghost that haunts single-player worlds of the sandbox video game Minecraft. The character is supposed to look like Steve, one of the default character skins available for new players of Minecraft, except for a pair of glowing white eyes which lack pupils. Theories which explain the Herobrine’s supposed origins range from his purported identity as the supposedly deceased brother of Minecraft creator Markus Persson, to an “”unlucky miner”” who haunt living players out of a desire for vengeance. Candle Cove is a 2009 story by Kris Straub written in the format of an online forum thread in which people reminisce about a half-remembered children’s television series from the 1970s involving a young girl – the series’ protagonist – going on adventures with a cast of pirates.

SimPoints are available to you immediately as soon as you complete your purchase. Please note that if you purchase SimPoints from us, the performance of our services begins immediately after your purchase is confirmed. This Agreement does not confer any rights or remedies upon any person other than the parties to this Agreement.

Markiplier also played a sequel, which was created by MY5TCrimson as well, titled Sally.exe, featuring Sally Acorn, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit, and parodies Sunky.MPEG and Silly.TIFF. Sonic.exe has also been covered by Teens React and The Infographics Show. An unofficial edit of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer was made to depict Sonic as X and has since received over 16 million views.

After an apparently very realistic view of his corpse, the show’s second act features a surreal take on the Simpson family’s grief. Homer, Marge, and Lisa are skeletally thin, and still sitting at the table. Springfield is completely deserted, and as they walk to the cemetery the houses become more and more decrepit.

She pulled the animal out and threw it aside, and then collapsed. The staff attempted to restrain her, but it didn’t stop her from brutally massacring and cannibalizing the entirety of the present personnel using her sharp teeth. One female doctor survived and nicknamed her “”The Expressionless””. We may also award SimPoints in connection with promotional events.

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