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Better make sure you really like your family and friends, because they’ll have to go with you the whole trip. That’s why Moving APT streamlined the process of choosing an NYC mover for you with this well-researched list. Don’t miss the expert tips and insider info below the list to help guide your move as well. On average, NYC Movers will charge between $90 and $165 per hour. With over 20 years and 20,000 moves under our belt, Movers, Not Shakers! If you are disposing of items or furniture, please do so responsibly.

As a “pretty good” moving company in NYC, his crew can haul all of your belongings from point A to point B. Our small movers in NYC are ready to get you started. It’s why we give you all the information about what you might need to buy to pack certain items when you confirm your booking.

We’ve kept our operation small to ensure we can continue to provide that concierge service to every client. Based in Brooklyn, we service all five boroughs and most of the upper mid-Atlantic coast, ranging from Washington, DC to Boston to Buffalo. Top-quality care, unbeatable customer service and fair prices. Veteran Moving offers the best value in the industry.

I was really impressed when Rob and Rudy, the two movers who were sent by the company, showed up early on the designated day. We take responsibility for your belongings seriously – your items will be labelled and color-coded if needed to minimize the chances for loss or damage. We have a fantastic record of customer service, and are fully insured to guarantee a stress-free move. I used Great Movers for my move back in October.

We’re not going to send you our biggest truck when all you need is space for a few boxes. It’s unnecessary and makes everybody’s life difficult. One of the biggest challenges of New York is finding adequate parking, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. Our team knows when Alternate Side Parking rules are in effect, and we work around it. It all comes from living in this city our whole lives. Here’s why using NYC small movers is a smart option.

We offer loading / unloading services as well. If you are relocating to or from NYC, we can help you load the truck. We are proud to claim we have the best moving crew who would pack your lifelong valuables with extreme care. Before every move, we wrap your furniture to make sure the building and the furniture is intact. If you are a victim or domestic violence, you will be eligible to a discount up to 90% or you can get a completely free move. Apart from core moving services, we offer various other services such as, cleaning, reorganization, truck rental or rubbish removals.

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