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No matter the photo, you can select a floating canvas frame and upload your photo to create a special gift! There’s no better way to commemorate a fond remembrance than by having it custom printed and hung on your wall for all to see. One thing noteworthy about personalized canvas prints is that they look good in all settings, whereas framed prints portray a more sober feel. Canvas prints are a fantastic way to display and show off your photography skills as they quickly become the center of attraction of any space.

However, if your frame is shallow or heavy, you can screw some picture hangers or D-rings onto the top or sides of the back of the frame. Using the packaging materials we’ve sent for your Full Service order, carefully pack and ship your canvas piece our way—and we’ll take it from there! Soon you’ll have an expertly stretched and custom framed canvas painting, ready to hang in your home.

Most canvases will require 4 to 6 canvas clips to secure the canvas in the frame. If the canvas printing abu dhabi is 24 by 36 inches (61 by 91.4 cm) or larger, use 8 canvas clips. A canvas would typically be too thick for a regular photo frame, so it most likely wouldn’t fit. That’s why they make frames especially for canvases.

Lay the frame down on a flat surface and place the canvas inside of the frame with the painted side down. Attach the clips that came with the frame to hold the canvas in place, then turn the frame over and check to ensure the canvas sits in place tightly. If you want the picture to get more attention, hang it in a busy area like a doorway or the middle of a room. If it isn’t an important picture, put it in a less busy area like a hallway or the corner of a room. Make sure the sheet of kraft paper you buy is bigger or equal in size to the framed canvas. Beginning from the top stretcher bar you just marked, draw a pencil mark 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down the canvas’s side stretcher bars.

Next, use a miter box and saw to cut down each length of frame to the correct measurements identified in Step 1. Be sure you cut the 45-degree angle ends positioned so that the white frame piece measures longer than the gold. Once cut, sand the freshly cut edges with a sanding block to make them as flat and smooth as possible on all sides/edges. One of my favorite ways to create consistency throughout a room is with similar framing. I had a hunch that adding a frame to this huge canvas would not only give it the “ooomph” it was lacking, but it would also help it coordinate better with everything else in the space.

During my college years I worked in custom framing and one of my all time favorite tasks was chopping lengths of moulding and assembling frames. If I could go back to any job, it would be that one. Once the wood is dry, you may be inclined to gently tap finishing nails in at the corners or use flat L-brackets along the back of the frame as corner braces.

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