What Is Already Vaped Bud Avb? 3 Ways To Use Vaped Weed

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We don’t suggest water curing AVB for any longer than a week though, as mold growth could become an issue. This is an easy method although it’s a little messier. Put some water (ideally reverse osmosis but plain ol’ tap water is fine, too) into a crock pot . Lay out some cheese cloth and place your AVB on it, and wrap it up. Place your wrapped bundle into the water and keep it submerged for however many days you see fit, probably about 3-4 or up to a week. Some people like using a french press to water cure their bud.

Once the water has become dark, it’s time to drain it and refill it. Push down on the plunger to filter out all of the water, then pour it out. Squeeze hard so you’re getting as much water as possible out of the bud. Then, refill the press with fresh water and let it sit again. The size of the piece of cloth will depend on how much water cure abv you’re using.

If you’re going this route, you shouldn’t need to go through the water curing process as outlined above. A popular suggestion from the cannabis community has been to use that leftover AVB in topical products as well. Cannabis capsules make for a quick, easy, effective, and essentially tasteless way to dose and consume cannabis. If you’re an edibles pro and ready to get started, AVB is ready to be made into edibles as soon as you’re done vaping.

Empty out this water and continue this process until the water is clear. Time frame ranges from a couple of hours to a couple of days. Some like to go the extra mile and oven bake the damp AVB where as I just add it to my butter and start cooking. I just want to share my experience with my water cured avb. It doesnt even taste like roasted Cannabis AVB , its more neutral but it get me high a third time and its great when youre out of buds.

The easiest method to ingest AVB is to sprinkle it onto a peanut butter sandwich and go to town. It also works well with pasta, Nutella and graham crackers, smoothies and more. I have had good results with the final product using my Arizer Air water pipe setup. It is very clean and certainly causes the desired effect. For all your CBD needs, Fusion’s got you covered. We supply North America with quality CBD products sourced from the highest-grade industrial hemp on the market today.

Some people put their AVB into cheesecloth, essentially making giant weed tea bags that they’ll soak as long as necessary. I have 4 ounces of lightly vaped abv that I am planing to turn into a tincture over the holidays. I make tincture using watercured ABV, and I make it using not watercured. I only watercure if I am wanting to blend with something else, such as make a cocktail using some tincture as an ingredient . For me personally, I find tincture whether it be from bud, trim, ABV or washed ABV to be unpleasant tasting because I find the alcohol unpleasant tasting.

You can probably can think of a bunch of delicious or flavor-rich foods you can mix it with.

At the end of the day, cannabinoids are valuable, even if they are coming from cannabis you’ve technically already vaped. Using your ABV bud for other purposes is just economical. While you won’t find any crispy, brown ABV on our menu, you will find a lot of fresh bud to pick from for your vaporizer. Be sure to grab yourfresh bud at Silver Therapeutics. F you are using your AVB to make canna-coconut oil you can always wash said oil as the last step in the process. Mix hot oil and boiling H20 together and then put in fridge.

Water curing is a method of reducing the smell and taste of your AVB. This is useful when you want to create some truly delicious edibles that aren’t overpowered by the taste and smell of AVB. Simply place your AVB in a cheese cloth and add room temperature water. Let this sit until the water turns golden brown.

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